Is Instagram Reels Worth Pursuing?

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Is Instagram Reels Worth Pursuing?

Besides Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a significant social media marketing tool that is used for promotion, sales, and influencing. Thus, it is crucial you understand the importance of each of its components. Till now, the platform allowed users/businesses to post stories and IGTV videos plus go live. The reels component is new and already becoming popular among the masses. So is it worth pursuing? Here are things you need to know

It Provides Good Exposure

Since it is a new feature, Facebook is giving it priority like it did with all its previous features when they were launched. Used of reels have reported getting better exposure after using the tool. It is providing better reach and engagement as the duration is usually of 15 or 30 seconds.

Creating them is Easy

Often videos created for marketing and promotion purposes can take a lot of time and energy of a creator. However, reels are short videos and they are easier to make. You can make them using the app and these videos don’t require a complete studio setup. You can add original audio or use one already available on the platform.

Reels are Permanent

Unlike stories, reels don’t disappear from your profile after 24 hours. Your followers and other users of Instagram can watch them any time they want. The reels permanency also increases its ability to reach more people and engage audience.

Discovering Them Can Be Confusing

Users have reported a problem with reels which is discovering them can be confusing as there is no dedicated icon for this feature on the website yet. You have to open the explore page to watch reels.

You Cannot Schedule Them

On Facebook you can schedule posts, which is excellent for lining posts for timely sharing. It is not clear and neither was it indicated that reels can be scheduled in the future. Until this feature is introduced, you have to post the videos manually.

They are Easy to Share

It is easy for users to share reels on their stories making the engagement and reach of these videos better. Instagram doesn’t allow stories and IGTV videos to be shared on people’s stories like reels making this tool excellent for promotions.

The Bottom Line

Instagram reels is a great tool that can help you grasp attention of your target audience and ensure you can have better content reach. Additionally, it has features that are better than stories and IGTV which is why this tool can be worth for social media marketing.

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